Arun Naik

Coming from an ancient lineage of scholars Arun Naik is an exponent of Vastushastra. He has designed a wide array of residential, commercial and industrial projects. His professional services include Vastu consultancy and designing, non-demolitive rectification of Vastu defects, Workshops on Vastushastra, and performance of Vastu Shanti rituals. Arun Naik is a visiting faculty at HUDCO on Vastushastra. He has been associated with NAREDCO and HSMI as a Vastu Teacher since 2004. He has authored several articles on Vastushastra and oriental philosophy and is currently working on a textbook of Vastushastra. He has developed VEMSYS: Vastu Energy Management System. It is a unique technology to attune the living/working Space with Inner or Conscious Space - Bahyakash with Chidakash. He is a trained yoga teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram. Besides his professional work he also devotes time for social development through Sri Aurobindo Society, a spiritual organization of international Importance, where he holds several responsible positions at local and national levels. He also conducts regular courses on Bhagvadgita, Upanishads, Integral Yoga, Science of Living, Self Awareness, Inner Happiness and other subjects of spiritual interest. He has trekked extensively in the Himalayas, done Narmada Parikrama by foot (walked 2800 km by the side of Narmada) and regularly travels to remote parts of the country to study the architectural marvels of Vastushastra. He works from Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Sector 62, Noida, Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Vãstushãstra stands tall and apart. This oldest school of architecture is still in practice.

The ancients ranked it high. They called it Sthapatya Veda – The Science of Establishing – which covered the entire gamut of architecture, sculpture, designing and construction, and classified it as an Upaveda. The Design Philosophy of this unique system is deeply interwoven with the elements of Space and Time, Form and Rhythm, Cosmic Directions and astronomy, an above all, it has a spiritual approach to the design philosophy itself.

It is the only system in the world which has the amazing capability to determine the Harmonic Quality of a Spacial Dimension and its relationship with an individual. A Vãstu practitioner uses this knowledge to design Living Rooms whose spacial energies are in resonance with the owner and his family. People who live and work in Vãstu compliant buildings experience Inner Peace, develop an Intuitive Mind, and therefore are able to make correct decisions in life to become successful, prosperous, wise, and stay healthy.

Vãstushastra is neither a magical science, nor occult, or a corrective science.  Vãstushastra is a science of designing spaces, the oldest and highest form of architecture – holistic, logical and very effective. Its principles were derived thousands of years ago and are valid even today.  It replicates in a structure the same harmony which exists in the cosmos and keeps it going like a well oiled clockwork, which maintains the equilibrium of the planets and the stars and sustain life on earth and take evolution forward.

Vãstuvidya designs an Outer Space – a Bãhyãkãsh – which bring calm and peace to the inner space of the dweller – to his Chidãkãsh.  When the Chidãkãsh is calm and at peace, the mind is calm, the intellect is sharp, the intuitive faculties perform better, so one can studies better, sleep better, remain healthy, take appropriate decisions in business and life, and grow richer financially and socially.   The highly potent vibrating energies of such outer Space of his dwelling not only give him the Pranic strength to work more efficiently, but also help to convert the work and the effort into fruitful results, enabling him to enjoy the fruits of his efforts, look well after his dependents, make good money in life.  And finally, an attuned Bãhyãkãsh sows the seeds of spiritual purity in the Chidãkãsh.  It is a cyclic movement, leading to material and spiritual prosperity, peace and happiness.  This is the real magic of Vãstushastra

The practice of Vãstu, therefore, is about understanding the causal relationship between Energy and Form, between the shape, size and directions, then to use mathematical calculations to design spaces which have the vibrations of the required type – either academic,  commercial, creative, research oriented, curative, judicial, governance, defensive, productive, industrial, domestic etc.

A Vãstu practitioner is a Bramha in its own way, for he is carving out living space out of Emptiness.  That is a delicate and pious task, a job which needs special skill sets.  The conditions for being a Vãstu practitioner are tough.  Besides knowing the nuances of the Vidyã, the person has to a sadhak, a spiritual aspirant who is also learned, humble, at peace with himself, not greedy, benevolent, doing works and deeds of charity, travelling to holy places/tirthas, having a complete clarity of thought, confident, in command of his surroundings, a worshipper of the Divine.

There has been a renaissance of Vastushastra in the past decade or so, and it is not a haphazard development, but because Nature has a bigger plan.  The time has arrived when the need for Vãstushastra is growing more than ever before. Not just because the pressures at work are increasing and to counter them we need a finely tuned home to go back to, but the larger reason is that we are witnessing a great shift in human consciousness, as if a new dimension is opening up. All the prophesies of annihilation of human species and doomsday have failed to stop the human consciousness from taking the northward route.  Humanity has today reached a peak from where it is about to leap into the spaces of higher consciousness. It is on the threshold of a spiritual awakening, of the beginning of a journey to understand who we really are, and not to reinforce the artificial sense of a derived or adopted social identity.  The whole nature is under a cycle of evolution.  With it comes an intrinsic need for a holistic system of architecture – of Vãstushastra – which can create environments  where this intellect can blossom,  where we can act seated in consciousness and  inner strength, where we are free from all selfish and egoistic movements,  where we care for each other and love becomes the uniting thread for all humans.

The Philosophy of Vãstushãstra

Space is not an inert void, but a humming, pulsating, living and a Conscious Entity. Space is the Unseen Divine, the Womb of our Universe from which are born Light, Sound, Matter, Heat, Air, Time, Thought, the entire Creation. In an esoteric sense the study of Vãstushastra is the understanding of the manifestation of Space into tangible objects like Matter and intangible objects like Sound, Light, Time and Thought.

The ancient sages studied Space and utilized their understanding to prepare this unparalleled and amazing system of designing Townships, Homes, Shrines, Palaces, Forts, Furniture, Vehicles, Statues etc.

Vãstushãstra and Yoga

Vãstushastra has a strong similarity to the principles of Yoga. Like the flow of Prana in a healthy body, a Vastu design aims at creating a harmonious Pranic flow within the building. The geometric centre of the plot is the naval or Manipur, the North-Eastern part of the plot is the head with the Sahastrãr Chakra, and the South-Western part is its base with the Mulãdhãr Chakra. The diagonal line from North-East to South-West is Sushumna, the carrier of life force from head to below. To the west of this diagonal is Pingala, the Surya Nadi, and to the right of this diagonal is Ida, the Chandra Nadi.  Manipur, the centre of the plot has a high concentration of energy and is called Bramhasthan, or the Place of Brahma.

The History of Vãstushãstra

Matsyapurana mentions the names of 18 sages who are said to have established the science of Vastu:

भृगुरत्रिर्वसिष्ठश्च विश्वकर्मा मयस्तथा।नारदोनग्नजिच्चैवविशालाक्षः पुरन्दरः॥
ब्रह्माकुमारो नन्दीशः शौनको गर्ग ऐव च।वासुदेवोऽनिरुद्धश्च तथा शुक्र बृहस्पति॥
अष्टादशैके विख्याता वास्तुशास्त्रोपदेशकाः॥

1. Bhrigu 2. Atri 3. Vashishtha
4. Vishwakarma 5. Maya 6. Narad
7. Nagnajit 8. Vishalaksha 9. Purandara
10. Bramha 11. Kumara 12. Nandisha
13. Shaunak 14. Garg 15. Vasudev
16. Aniruddha 17. Shukra 18. Brihaspati

Of all these names, Vishwakarma and Maya are mentioned in the ancient books as Master Builders. Rgveda has hymns to both. Vishwakarma is regarded as the architect of the Universe and is widely worshipped; Maya is known as the architect of the Danavas, the descendents of Danu, the third wife of Sage Kashyap. He was the foster-father of Mandodari, Ravan’s wife, and the author of the classical work of Surya Siddhanta on astronomy and Mayamatam on Vastushastra.

The following are some important ancient works of Vãstushastra alongwith some Agamic and Pauranic literature which have references to Vãstu shastra:

Vãstumandal: A Symbol of the Cosmos

The Vastumandal denotes the Cosmic World and forms the basis of all Vastu planning. It represents the highest level of Design Philosophy from concept to theory to the actual process of construction. Vastumandal is always drawn square, for Square is a perfect shape, a fundamental form, and also the shape of the Earth element which contains within it the elements of Space, Air, Fire and water, as also of speech, touch, shape, taste and smell. It has poise, balance and makes a practical basis for designing a building.
The 7th chapter of Mayamatam lists the deities which occupy the Vãstumandal:


ईशानश्चैव पर्जन्यो जयन्तश्च महेन्द्रकः ।

आदित्यः सत्यकश्चैव भृशश्चैवान्तरिक्षकः ॥३४॥

अग्निः पूषा च वितथो राक्षसश्च यमस्तथा ।

गन्धर्वो भृङ्गराजश्च मृषश्च पितृदेवताः ॥३५॥

दौवारिकश्च सुग्रीवः पुष्पदन्तो जलाधिपः ।

असुरः शोषरोगौ च वायुर्नागस्तथैव च ॥३६॥

मुख्यो भल्लाटकश्चैव सोमश्चैव मृगस्तथा ।

अदितिश्चोदितिश्चैव द्वात्रिंशद् बाह्यदेवताः ॥३७॥

आपश्चैवापवत्सश्चैवान्तः प्रागुत्तरे स्मृतौ ।

सविन्द्रश्चैव साविन्द्रश्चान्तः प्राग्दक्षिणे स्मृतौ ॥३८॥

इन्द्रश्चैवेन्द्रराजश्च दक्षिणापरतः स्थितौ ।

रुद्रो रुद्रजयश्चैव पश्चिमोत्तरतो दिशि ॥३९॥

ब्रह्मा मध्ये स्थितः शम्भुस्तन्मुखस्थाश्चतुः सुराः ।

आर्यो विवस्वान् मित्रश्च भूधरश्चैव कीर्तिताः ॥४०॥

चरकी च विदारी च पूतना पापराक्षसी ।

ईशानादि बहिः स्थाप्याश्चतुष्कोणे स्त्रियः स्मृताः ४१॥

–           मयमतम् , सप्तमोऽध्यायः

Vãstumandal with deities

The vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of the Vastumandal define various cosmic energies and their flow paths.Each side of the Vastumandal is divided into several different parts called pada. Mandals are drawn from 1×1 pada for designing ceremonial alters upto 32 x 32 pada for designing townships. The most common mandal, however, is of 9×9 pada which is generally accepted for all building designs. Each pada is governed by a deity whose encoded name carries the attribute of that pada.


The central region of 9 squares is called Bramhavithi and has the highest concentration of energy. No construction should be done here. Surrounding it is Devavithi, the region of gods, and Manushyavithi, the region of humans. Construction is allowed in these two zoness. The outermost area is called Pishachvithi, the region of darkness where again no construction is allowed.

Marma Pratishtha

The Vastumandal is crisscrossed by lines which are called nadi, rajju and sutra. These lines represent the Energy Meridians of a plot, and the points where they intersect are called Marma. These Marma are classified as Upamarma, Marma, Mahamarma and Atimarma. The Mahamarma and Atimarma are very delicate and should not be disturbed, and therefore it is very important to identify their position and size before planning a building.

Ayadi Calculations

Ayadi calculations are a set of six intricate calculations which are made to check the energic suitability of the plot and its relationship with the owner. Check Ayadi Calculations for more details.

Yoni: Direction of Energy Flow 

Yoni calculation determines the direction of the flow of prana of the land. The direction of the flow of Energy of a plot depends upon the size of its perimeter.  The flow of energy in cardinal directions sustains life and growth whereas its flow in the four corners of the Vastumandala is detrimental to growth and prosperity.

Direction of Energy Flow Effect on the occupants
East, West, North, South It enhances financial fortunes, good health, victory and success in competition, and overall prosperity
North-East, North-West,

South-East, South-West

Causes ill health, bad fortunes, loss of money, failure in career, shattered happiness, fractured relationships

Directional Attributes

The attributes of different directions of the Vastumandal determines the placement of various building components on different parts of the plot. Broadly, East denotes Light, West denotes Darkness, North denotes Birth and South denotes Death. NE is the source of all energies, and SW is where they travel and disappear. Based upon these attributes, certain areas are preferred low and free of heavy construction while some are preferred raised. Here is a summary:

East A depression promises wealth, riches, and a longer life; an elevation foretells loss of children.
North-East A depression promises wealth; an elevation foretells miseries, losses and poverty.
North A depression promises wealth; an elevation foretells losses and poverty.
North-West Should be lower than SW and SE but higher than NE. Lower than SW indicates success and wealth. Higher than NE indicates illness and rivalry for the residents.
West Should be higher than N and E but lower than S. Such land indicates good name, success in life, and long relationship with children.
South-West High SW enhances prosperity. Depressed SW indicates premature death, chronic illness and bad habits.
South Should be elevated to ensure prosperity and health. Depressed S causes sickness and poverty.
South-East Should be higher than NE and NW but lower than SW to bring wealth. If it is lower than NE and NW it accidents by fire. The residents will develop a criminal mentality.

vastu Rythm of Time & Form

कालोऽस्मि लोकक्षयकृत्प्रवृद्धो लोकान् समाहर्तुमिह प्रवृत्तः ।

ऋतेऽपि त्वां न भविष्यन्ति सर्वे येऽवस्थिताः प्रत्यनीकेषु योधाः ॥

तस्मात्त्वमुत्तिष्ठ यशो लभस्व जित्वा शत्रून्‌ भुङ्‌क्ष्व राज्यं समृद्धम्‌।

मयैवैते निहताः पूर्वमेव निमित्तमात्रं भव सव्यसाचिन्‌॥ ११-३३॥

‘I am Time who waste and destroy the peoples; lo, I have arisen in my might, I am here to swallow up the nations. Even without thee all they shall not be, the men of war who stand arrayed in the opposing squadrons. Therefore do thou arise and get thee great glory, conquer thy foes and enjoy a great and wealthy empire. For these, they were slain even before and it is I who have slain them; be the occasion only, O Savyasachin’.

According to Sri Aurobindo Time is not an abstract idea, it is real and eternal. And Space is not limited, it is our capacity to measure space that is limited. Time and Space are the fundamental dual dimensions of the Brahman, and therefore. Time cannot be relegated to the position of a mere dimension of space, because it is independent in its nature.

The world is a cyclic movement of the Divine Consciousness in Space and Time. It exists to progress, it exists by progression. Time cannot roll back. Time was not created, it came into existence. Creation could not have manifested without Time, because Creation itself is a projection of the Divine Consciousness into Space and Time.

Everything manifests from Space under the influence of Time, and dissolves back into Space under the influence of Time. Time is therefore an important dimension of Space, something which the ancients understood well. They measured Time through the movement of planets and stars. But they were not mere stargazers; they went beyond it to study the movements of various celestial bodies, planets and constellations, their configurations with each other etc to understand the mystical aspect of Time.

Time has a unique occult attribute. It is like an invisible stream which constantly moves ahead with its currents, undercurrents, rapids, draughts, tides which have a non-patterned cyclic nature, much like a mountain rapid. When we choose to make a movement, either we are moving with its flow or moving against it.

The Ancients used this knowledge to foretell events and select moments for commencement of auspicious events. Thus was born the concept of Muhurt, as auspicious moment.

Vastushastra has specific rules for calculating Muhurts for all important occasions – there are specified Muhurts for procurement of land, for laying the foundation, for commencing the construction, and for moving into the new house.

For more information on this subject click on Muhurts

Vãstushãstra and Element of Form

Out of Time was born Space.

Out of Space was born Form.

The study of Form and Shape

And their harmonious blend in a building design

Is  the objective of  vAstuvidyA

The Triangle

The Triangle is a primary shape. It represents the very first manifestation of delineated space. In Tantric philosophy the upward triangle represents Shiva or Purush, and the downward Triangle represents Shakti or Prakriti.

They are used extensively in tantric rites, but rarely used in Vãstu because of its acute angles.

The Square

The Square represents stability and is considered very important. Its four sides represent the four faces of Brahma and so a square is called a Bramhamandal. This is a shape of the Vãstumandal.

The Octagon

The Octagona is called a Vishnumandal because Vishnu presides over the eight deities who govern the skies of the eight directions.

The Circle

The Circle is called Rudramandal. It is the shape of celestial bodies and has properties like pi which are unique to it. Vãstu considers it a sacred shape and does not use it as a design element.

The Rectangle

The rectangle is a derivative of a square and is the most common shape used for building design. It is interesting that the recommended ratio of length: widths are in conformity with Fibonacci series. 1:2, 2:3, 3:5. But in actual practice rectangles of various ratios are used.

Vãstushãstra and Element of Rhythm

Space or  akASa is one of the five primal elements. It exists around us, it exists within us.  Man lives in two spaces: the first is the invisible Inner Space within an individual where he creates his mental world, lives in it, thinks, ponders, imagines, contemplates, and the other is the visible Universal Space which contains the Universe.

Both these spaces are intricately integrated, both influence and mirror each other; what happens in one is reflected in the other. Vãstu works on the inner space by creating a harmony and rhythm in our environment.

Nãd as Rhythm has created the world and Vãstu reinstates this cosmic rhythm in our environment by establishing a unity of scale, balance and proportion in buildings.

Based upon the utility and function of the building and the astrological sign of the owner the yoni of the building is determined and that becomes the central theme for creating a sense of rhythm in the design.

All measurements are made to follow the chosen yoni scale. The perimeter of a room, the space between pillars, the size of the walls, the width of steps, the length of the courtyard, the height of the basement, column, roof, the depth of foundation – each is designed accordingly to maintain the overall character of the building. This is also punctuated by the repetition of patterns, open space and other forms. This strict adherence to the chosen scale ensures a perfect dimensional harmony and lends it a characteristic rhythm.

Ayadi calculations are a set of Vastu calculations which are made to check the energic suitability of the plot and its relationship with the owner.

S. No. Name
1 नक्षत्रः Nakshatra
2 आयः Aaya – Income Factor
3 व्ययः Vyaya- Expense Factor
4 योनिः Yoni – Category of the Plot
5 अंशः Amsha
6 आयुः Aayu
7 वर्णः Varna
8 वारः Vaar

Ayadi Number of a Plot

Ayadi Number is the perimeter of the property in the given vastu unit, and is the the basis of Ayadi calculations. For residential and industrial projects Hasta is the unit which is used which is 0.8382 m in length. For example, a plot whose Perimeter is 80 metres will have the Ayadi number 96.  (Hasta which is rounded off to 96 Hasta).

Nakshatra Calculation

The Nakshatra compatibility determines the ruling Nakshatra star of the land and its relationship with the owner’s Nakshatra. The Nakshatra of the land is calculated by the perimeter of the plot.

Aya and Vyaya Calculations

The Aya calculation determines the Income Factor of the land. The Vyaya calculation determines the Expense Factor of the Land.  The Income Factor should be greater than the Expenditure Factor.

Yoni Calculation

Yoni means a class or a category. Vastushastra defines eight categories or yonis, and all measurable size belong to one of these eight categories.
The Brahmasthaan – the Central point – always pulsates with cosmic energy and creates a flow of energy in the plot which begins to flow towards the edge of the plot. The flow of energy towards the cardinal directions constitutes four categories, and its flow towards the corner directions constitute the other four categories.

Dhwaja Category – Flow towards East

Simha Category – Flow towards South

Vrishabh Category – Flow towards West

Gaja Category – Flow towards North

Dhoomra Category – Flow towards South-East

Shwaan Category – Flow towards South-West

Khar Category – Flow towards North-West

Kaak Category – Flow towards North-East

Of these Dhwaja, Simha, Vrishabh and Gaja yonis are auspicious. Plots and houses with dimensions which confirm to these yonis enhance financial fortunes, good health, victory and success in competition, and overall prosperity.

Dhoomra, Shwan, Khar and Kaak yonis are best avoided as they are believed to enhance problems like ill health, bad fortunes, loss of money, failure in career, shattered happiness, fractured relationships etc.

Amsa Calculation

The Amsam calculation determines the nature of the land.  There are eight Amsam which are described by Maya in his treatise Mayamatam.

1 तस्कर – Thief

2 भुक्ति – Enjoyment

3 शक्ति – Strength

4 धन – Riches

5 नृप – Kingship

6 षण्ड – Enunch, powerless

7 अभय – Fearless

8 विपत- Troubles

9 समृद्धि – Prosperity

As the name suggests plots with Amsa of Bhukti, Shakti, Dhan, Nrupa, Abhaya and Samriddhi are good.

Ayu Calculation

Ayu calculations are made in two ways:

  • To determine the lifespan of a building or a plot, or the period upto which things will remain harmonious amongst the inhabitants in that property. The Ayadi number is multiplied by 27 and divided by 100, and the remainder indicates the Ayu.

  • The other is a much more calculation. It indicates the creative or productive quotient of a property. This process has been described in Manushyala Chandrika where the text describes 5 categories of Ayu.

1 बालत्व     Childhood

2 कौमार्य     Adoloscence

3 यौवन      Youth

4 वृद्ध       Old age

5 निधन     Decease

1 and 2 are medium.  3 and 4 are best. 5 is avoided.



Varna calculation indicates the pychological impact of space and the type of activity which it would support.

The first category supports intellectual activities and is suitable for schools, colleges, universities, libraries, centres of advance learning and resesarch activities.

The second category supports all types of administrative activities and is suitable for buildings which house administrative, judicial, parliamentary, governing activities.

The third category supports all types of commercial activities and are suitable for stock exchanges, shopping malls, showrooms, commercial offices.

The fourth category supports all service, support and labour related activities and are suitable for production units and factories, service centres, call centres, agro activities, transport related activities.


The Vaar calculation determines further compatibility with the owner.

To calculate the Vaar of the property its Ayadi number is multiplied by 9 and then divided by 7. The remainder is Vaar.  There are seven Vaar categories which are named after the weekdays, starting from 1 being Sunday and ending with 7 being Saturday. Of these 2,4,5,6,7 are acceptable, 1 and 3 are avoided (Sunday and Tuesday) because they indicate a strong tendency of incidents of fire in the property.

Consecration and Sanctification of living and working Space is sometimes loosely referred to as Vastu Shanti. Vastu Shanti Puja is a long ritualised ceremony which disintegrates all negative prana and replaces it with healthy, positive and harmonious prana.


But there are easy and short techniques also which can be performed on a daily basis to consecrate our living and working spaces.  They are short and simple, yet they have a deep impact of peace, harmony and prosperity  upon the atmosphere and the occupants.

Why buildings need periodic consecration and sanctification?

A building becomes a repertory of the emotions, sentiments and feelings of its occupants. Every single feeling gets engrained in the structure – in the walls, in the furniture, in the very atmosphere. In certain areas the accumulation is high, for example the attic, the basement, the corners, under the stairs, below the ceiling, the corridors, and all such areas which are less frequented.


Over a period of time this accumulated energy starts hampering the movements of the fresh and revitalizing energy in the building. This increases the negativity in personal lives, relationships, physical and mental health, emotional stability and financial health of the occupants.


Negative energy can also stay on from the previous occupants of the place, even much after they have left. For example, if the previous occupant of an office had become bankrupt, or if the previous tenant of a house had suffered from a long illness, unless the space is not consecrated its stagnant energy would inflict a highly harmful impact on the new occupant.


Buildings also need to be undergo a space cleaning if the occupants have been through a traumatic experience like a separation, a fight, a divorce, a loss, or if there has been a death.


In modern lifestyles the strongest generators of negative energy are the generators of EMF radiation generators we have around us.  Televisions, Computers and Laptops, WiFi, Refrigerator, Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners, Mobile Phones, Electric Blankets, Hair Dryers, Printers and Scanners etc  generate enough radiation to reduce  induce insomnia, chronic fatigue, asthma, forgetfulness, high blood pressure, miscarriages, allergies, and hyperactivity in children.  It is necessary to do periodic cleansing of the house to get rid of the accumulated effect of EMF.


There are also external sources of bad energy. A house is very likely to accumulate bad energy and vibrations if it is beneath a power cable, very close to railway line, high hoardings, flyovers, cemetery, abattoir, a place of worship, anthills, quarries, electricity generating station near a hospital, or if it faces a dead lane.

Why a new building needs consecration and sanctification?

There is a strong need to consecrate a new building before it is occupied.  During the journey of a structure from being a blueprint to its final shape, the land and the structure undergo numerous operations. The land is dug, drilled, burrowed, bulldozed, levelled, landscaped, sometimes even blasted. The structure faces hammering, cutting, welding, machining, movement of labour and machines…the list is long. By the time a building is complete it collects various types of negative and violent energies. Therefore, before the building is occupied it needs to be cleansed and consecrated.


The Benefits of Consecration and Sanctification of living and working Space


The act of space cleaning itself is so beautiful that the very act can instill tranquility within you.

  • As the dirty diseased stale prana is replaced with fresh vitalizing healthy energy, the building begins to ‘breathe’ once more. The chi begins to circulate and harmony returns with happiness.
  • Our personal relationships begin to improve. So does the physical health.
  • The sense of fatigue is replaced by a sense of well being.
  • Difficult issues in life start getting resolved.
  • Disharmony between friends and partners begins to disappear

But the biggest advantage of consecrating the outer space is that there is a corresponding consecration of our inner space also. The sense of insecurity, timidity, failure is replaced by self-confidence, poise, determination, harmony and peace in our lives.

How to Create Sacred Space – 10 powerful Methods
  1. The most powerful method is to perform an annual Vastu Shanti Puja. At the end of this section there is a link to download the e-book of Vastu Shanti
  3. Another very powerful method of cleaning up the environment is the Performance of Agnihotra at home. Exactly at sunrise and at sunset burn dried cowdung and offer to it small amount of brown rice and ghee (clarified butter) while chanting the following mantra:

Morning Mantra : sūryo jyotir, jyotir agniḥ svāhā

Evening Mantra : ‘agnir jyotir, jyotiḥ sūryaḥ svāhā’

One can also perform the agnihotra with Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

  1. Create Space in the house for fresh prana to circulate. Do so by disposing off the useless junk that gets accumulated over years.
  3. Open the windows to allow in daylight and fresh air. Cut down the use of artificial light as much as possible.
  5. Sprinkle sandalwood powder on burning embers and allow the sandal aroma to spread in the atmosphere. Supplement the activity by blowing Conch shell. The results are instant and creates remarkable difference in the environment. Besides sandal one can also sprinkle natural resins like guggal, lohbaan , or Raal on burning embers.
  7. Take stock of non-working gadgets and appliances. Either have them repaired and use them, or dispose them off.
  9. Wherever possible add life to the environment. Add indoor plants.  Place an aquarium as large as possible. Do not go for cubicle sized aquarium – the fish will not survive for too long.
  11. Say NO to plastics and all synthetic stuff. Do away with artificial plants, dried flowers, plastic curtains, plastic chairs, plastic bottles and containers etc.
  13. Replace synthetic fabric with natural fabric like cotton, wool and jute.
  15. Do not allow inside the footwear which is used outside. Shoes and other footwear used outside bring with them the highest amount of unwanted negative energies if they are brought inside.

For more Vastu Tips, Do’s and Dont’s visit Vastu Tips For Success

Download Book

Here are 20 powerful methods for converting your living or working spaces into Sacred Space.

  1. Bring Akash tattva inside. Create Space, throw away clutter.  Decorate your space with flowers and plants. Open doors and windows to allow in plenty of sunshine.
  1. Bring Vayu tattva inside. Light incense sticks or cones.  Burn plenty of natural aromatic herbs like the following:  
    • Sandalwood Powder
    • Jataamaansi – Nardostachys jatamansi
    • Guggal – Myrrh
    • Loban – Frankincense

Sprinkling them over over hot coals will generate a fragrant, dense smoke which will spread into the atmosphere.  It will disintegrate any negative vibrations and create a harmonious effect in the air.  This smoke is also believed to remove effect of any evil eye.

  1. Bring Agni tattva inside.
    • Burn Camphor in a pot and take it to all parts of the house. and take its flame
    • Perform aarti in the house.
    • Periodically light lamps and candles in the house.

Bring Jal tattva into the house. Instead of vaccum cleaning start mopping the floor. Add a little sea salt to the mopping water.

  1. Bring Prithvi tattva inside. This tattva is associated with aroma.  Use sandalwood paste.  Wear fragrance.  A good idea is to opt for Indian itra or Attar which is organic and far better than deodorants or perfumes.  These are essential oils derived from plants and earth into a wood base such as sandalwood and then aged from one to ten years.  The choice of itra changes with the season:
Season Itra
Summer Motiya (Jasmine), Chandan, Gulab, Mogro, Khus (Vettivar), Juhi, Champa, Chameli, Sondha
Monsoon Kadamb, Kevada, Paandi, Mitti
Winter Kesar (Saffron), Kasturi(Musk), Heena, Ambar
Spring/Autumn Kesar, Sondho, Gulab
Round the year Chameli (Jasmine), Juhi,  Parijat, Sondha
  1. Install a Main Door which has 2 leaves and 4 sided frame including a threshold. Anyone entering the house should cross the threshold to enter.
  1. Install Dwar Ganapati. Dwar Ganapati stops negative energies and negative occult forces from entering the house.
  1. Draw a Swastik on the right side and left side of the main entrance.
  1. Bring nature and life into the house. Add indoor plants, clay pots, cotton rugs, woven accessories, shells, fresh flowers, aquarium, small fountains etc.
  2. Say NO to Plastics and stop the use of plastic items in the house to the maximum possible extent. Plastic is carcogenic and causes cancer.
  1. Avoid the use of Room Air Fresheners. Most of them contain harmful chemicals . Tests conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found that most air fresheners contain phthalates, which among other things interfere with male hormone production.  A study conducted by University of Washington found that all air fresheners tested emitted chemicals known to be carcinogenic.
  1. Avoid the use of Asbestos in the house. Asbestos is a known carcinogenic material.
  2. Do not walk with outdoor footwear inside the house. Take them off before entering the house.
  1. Keep the Brahmasthan free.
  1. Always sleep with your feet facing North.
  1. Do not use a Toilet seat which faces East.
  1. Do not work, eat or sleep under a beam.
  1. Perform Hawan at least once a year in your house.
  1. Cowry is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. For prosperity keep in your cash box 11 cowries dyed in turmeric.
  1. Hang Cowries or a Windchime on the Main door if it has another Door in its front,if it has a a T-road hitting it, if the corner of another house faces the Main Door, if the Main Door is obstructed by a tree or a pillar, if the Main Door is shadowed by another building etc.
  1. In Puja keep the Deity in a manner that it faces either West or South. When performing the Puja sit facing the deith.

A guide to help you identify NVE – Negative Vastu Energies

The last fifty years has seen a huge increase in the stress on Earth due to the underground nuclear explosions done by many countries. These explosions have caused splits in the Earth which are as deep as 300 km and by virtue of their depth are allowing extremely high frequency radiations from the core of the earth to rise to the surface, which travel so fast that they go up 6 km in the sky before dissipating.

Combined with these high frequency radiations are fault lines, telluric energies, and faulty building designs which do not conform to Vastu guidelines. The sum total is Negative Vastu Energies – NVE – which severely effect physical and mental health. The result is a chaos in life, faulty judgements and incorrect decisions.

Here is a guide to help you identify NVE in land and buildings. Contact Us, if you find them in your home or place of work.

Symptoms of NVE in Homes

  • Abnormal fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling of insecurity
  • Depression
  • Disturbed Inner Poise and lack of tranquility
  • Strained relationships
  • Lack of concentration
  • Loss of interest in the Joy of Life
  • Mental Instability – inability to come to a decision
  • Pains, stiffness, lumbago, arthritis, rheumatism
  • Severe chronic disease like cancer, glaucoma, heart ailments showing up
  • Presence of cockroach, centipedes, bedbugs, owl, wild cats, white ants, bats etc
  • Crooked trees, anthills in the garden
  • Dampness and stale air

Symptoms of NVE in Offices and Factories

  • Low Productivity
  • Empty Order Book
  • Unusually high Breakdowns
  • Accidents
  • Wastage of raw material
  • Repeated occurrence of Fire or theft
  • Unnecessary Interpersonal conflicts
  • High Attrition rate
  • Litigation and other such wasteful expenses
  • Medical problems with partners or senior managers

Symptoms of NVE in Buildings

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Cracks in the Driveway
  • Patches of Moisture in the walls
  • Termite tubes
  • Heavy growth of moss of litchen on the boundary wall or building walls
  • Chipped Stairs
  • Rattling or creaking doors
  • Faulty clocks
  • A constant state or repair and maintenance
  • Frequent breakdowns of clocks, household appliances and gadgets
  • Inability of pets to breed
  • Presence of owls, wild cats, bats, cockroaches, ceitipedes and such Inauspicious animals
  • Presence of sick animals

Symptoms of NVE in Land

  • Patches of dead or pale grass in an otherwise plot of green grass
  • Crooked trees
  • Presence of ant hills/termite hills
  • Barren/Ghostly trees
  • Stench in the soil

I conduct Vãstu Audit of properties by physically visiting them and conducting a thorough examination for harmful ground energies and Vãstu faults.  The finding and recommendations are put in a Vãstu Audit Report.


If the property is a Residence, then the report includes suitable recommendations of the best place for Master Bedroom, Children’s rooms, Guest Room, Study, Interior layout of the rooms, Dining and Living area etc. to get the best benefit,  and remedies to enhance the favourable areas and minimize the negative effects of the unfavourable areas.  In most cases all disturbing and harmful earth energies will be identified and cleared.


If the property is a Corporate Office, then the report includes suitable recommendations for best places for the Office of the CEO, placement of various Departments, Conference Room, Training Room, best seating arrangements, and remedies to enhance the favourable areas and minimize the negative effects of the unfavourable areas.  All suggestions will be practical.  In most cases all disturbing and harmful earth energies will be identified and cleared.


If the property is a Factory, then the report includes suitable recommendations of the best layout for machinery, Stores for raw material and finished goods, all administrative offices, best seating arrangements, and remedies to enhance the favourable areas and minimize the negative effects of the unfavourable areas.  All suggestions will be practical.  In most cases all disturbing and harmful earth energies will be identified and cleared.


Energy Balancing with VEMSYS® 


Vastu Energy Management System

VEMSYS® is a revolutionary non-demolitive unique system to rectify vãstu faults in land and buildings by restoring the energy imbalance without any demolition. It is highly effective and leads to huge savings in cost and time.


Neutralize a Vastu Fault.

Harmonize your homes and offices.

Energize your living and working areas.

All This And Much More..without any demolition!


Energy balancing to restore harmony is not a new technique. It has been known to the ancients albeit in a different form.  Many of these techniques were researched, those which worked were shortlisted and refined till the desired results started appearing.  VEMSYS® is an amalgamation of several of these techniques and is perhaps the most powerful system so far to rectify most vastu faults which happen either due to wrong vastu planning, harmful energies and radiations from the earth, or from imbalance in plots of irregular shape etc.


VEMSYS® for Harmonizing


We live in two Space areas – the Living Space of our house made of brick and mortar and the Inner Space of our Consciousness. When any outside Space is confined or enclosed in a boundary, then, depending upon its dimensions it begins to resonate at a certain frequency. In that sense our Homes, Bedrooms, Lounges, Office Chambers, Cabins, Conference Rooms, etc. are continually resonating.


The Inner Space of our Consciousness is also vibrating because it is conscious and pulsating with Life. It is only when the Inner Space and Outer Space resonate in harmony with each other that Life turns into a celebration of Joy.


The quality of the Inner Space is highly subjective, and astrology gives an insight into it.


With astrology and Ayadi calculations we ascertain the resonant quality of a Space which suits an individual or a family and apply VEMSYS® methodology to attune the Living Space. No demolition and reconstruction is needed. The success rate is over 90% because certain Vastu defects e.g. presence of a grave or a tree cannot be treated by normal means.


VEMSYS® for Neutralizing


VEMSYS® can also neutralize harmful effects of toilets, staircases, kitchens, doors etc. if they have been built in an undesirable area.


VEMSYS® for Energizing


We often come across plots which are lifeless and any activity undertaken on it results in loss and failure.  Such plots are called sick plots because they either have no positive energy or have dark negative energy. VEMSYS® very successfully turns around such plots and energizes them with fresh prana and make it healthy.

VEMSYS® is accurate, highly effective and leads to huge savings in cost and time because it needs no demolition and reconstruction.

Services for Site Selection
• Services for designing Homes
• Services for designing Corporate Offices
• Services for designing Modern Townships
• Services for designing Factory Layouts
• Services for designing Hospitals
• Services for designing Educational Institutes

Vãstushastra is world’s oldest system of architecture which requires a deep study of the spiritual traditions of Jyotish, Upãsanã, Karmakãnda and Yoga.  Vastusindhu has nurtured the knowledge of these sacred traditions and is carrying them forward in their divine and pristine purity.


We offer top notch and authentic Vãstu services for all types of Industrial, Residential and Commercial projects.

The Extra benefit that we provide

  1. We bring with us sound knowledge and years of practical experience in the field of Vãstu Designing and Vãstu Teaching.
  2. Every single dimensions of a project – be it a Township, Factory or an Administrative Block – is calculated strictly as per Vãstu’s Ayadi Calculations to ensure that the final product resonates with positive Pranic Energies.
  3. We identify and mark Marma: these are highly sensitive points in a plot which should not be dug up or penetrated, as doing so causes obstruction in the free flow of Cosmic Energy in the land and is likely to result in negative thoughts, adverse health issues, accidents, fire, interpersonal clashes, strikes, petty quarrels etc.

Services for Site Selection

We help you identify land for any project which is free of any Vãstu fault and geopathic stress has positive energies and supports life and growth.

Services for designing Homes

Your Home is our most precious scope of work. Home is where we live. It is our pivotal space, a true extension of our Inner Space where we return to each day, again and again. We design your homes with utmost care with Ayãdi calculations to make it a harmonious extension of your Inner Space. To know more click at Vastu For Home

Services for designing Corporate Offices

We help you in realizing your true potential. We design Office spaces where the Corporate Manager can work from Silence of the Mind, connect to the Higher Universal Mind to combine Reason with Intuition and take correct decisions, become a true leader and realize his true potential. To know more click at Vastu For Corporate Office.

Services for designing Modern Townships

Just as a dwelling is a microcosm representing the balanced energies of the universe, so is a township.  A township with balanced Vãstu energies yields great benefits to its residents by way of abundance, prosperity, sound physical and mental health, high creativity, and a positive attitude towards work and life.

We offer complete Vãstu input for arterial and subsidiary roads, location of residences of CMD and his team of Core Managers, Senior staff, junior staff, workers, markets, club houses, community centre, Religious buildings, school, hostels, ETP, Powerhouse, buildings for healthcare, security,  fire-fighting etc in conformation with Vãstu rules.

Services for designing Factory Layouts

We help you to become a hassle free entrepreneur Factories are highly susceptible to Vãstu faults because the impact of these faults is amplified by the vibrations from heavy machines, uneven distribution of load on the shop floor, heat from the furnaces, movements of material, escalators, electronic emissions, noise and atmospheric pollutions etc.

We design factory Layouts so that you may get the following benefits:

  1. High productivity and high profitability
  2. Excellent Teamwork and interpersonal relationships
  3. Low breakdowns
  4. Harmonious relationship with workers and low attrition
  5. Low Litigations and other wasteful expenses

In existing factories our Vãstu associates locate Vãstu faults and apply suitable methods to correct them and restore the Vãstu imbalance to make the factory run smoothly.


To know more click at Vastu for Factories

Services for designing Hospitals

Application of Vãstu principles in designing hospital buildings is an important but yet unexplored area of application. Patients have low levels of energy, and it is important that a hospital building be designed which resonates with life supportive Pranic energy.

We offer Vãstu services for designing hospitals which enable a free flow of energy in the building to assure good health and speedy recovery.

To know more click Vastu for Hospitals

Services for designing Educational Institutes

For Quality Education it is important that the right kind of Pranic Energy pervades in the Institutes, which further ensure that the right kind of Consciousness pervades among the students to enable them to touch higher level of learning.

We offer services to design such centres of Learning where Learning and Creativity would become a natural process, where students would develop greater focus, better concentration and a sharp memory, where moral values will run high and students will emerge as world class citizen with sharp and intuitive minds.

Personal Information

Attune your Living Space with your Inner Space.
Neutralize Harmful Effect of Vãstu faults.


What is VEMSYS®?

VEMSYS® is a unique system developed by us to rectify vãstu faults in any land and building by restoring the energy imbalance without any demolition. It is scientific, accurate, highly effective and leads to huge savings in cost and time. This method has been welcomed as a major breakthrough.

How does VEMSYS® works?

We live in two Space areas – the Living Space of our house made of brick and mortar and the Inner Space of our Consciousness. When any outside Space is confined or enclosed in a boundary, then, depending upon its dimensions it begins to vibrate at a certain frequency. In that sense our Homes, Bedrooms, Lounges, Office Chambers, Cabins, Conference Rooms, etc. are continually resonating at a certain frequency.

The Inner Space of our Consciousness is also vibrating because it is Conscious and pulsating with Life. It is only when the Inner Space and Outer Space resonate in harmony with each other that Life turns into a celebration of Joy.

The quality of the Inner Space is highly subjective, and astrology gives an insight into it.

With astrology and Ayadi calculations we ascertain the resonant quality of a Space which suits you and then with VEMSYS® methodology attune the Living Space. No demolition and reconstruction is needed. The success rate is over 80% because certain Vastu defects cannot be treated.

VEMSYS® can also neutralize harmful effects of toilets, staircases, kitchens, doors etc. if they have been built in an undesirable area. It can also neutralize harmful ground energies and infuse fresh vitalizing pranic energies in a plot.

How effective is VEMSYS® ?

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