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I am a Vãstu Consultant & Teacher.  I have studied Vãstushãstra and several Indian sacred traditions and am pursuing them in their divine and pristine purity.

I design living and working spaces as per the tenets of Vãstushãstra. I have designed a wide array of residential, commercial and industrial projects. I have also developed VEMSYS: Vãstu Energy Management System – a technology to attune your living space with your Inner Conscious Space.

My Background

I was born in Varanasi. My father was an Engineer and a writer, and my mother was a poet. My childhood memories are full of reminiscences of the visits to temples and ghats, folklore and stories from Krishnakathã and Ramkathã. As I grew up, my leaning towards spiritualism began to develop. By the age of 8 the reason of human existence and of this world had begun to intrigue and baffle me; I used to wonder who I was, why I lived and why did the world exist.These questions often robbed me of my post-lunch siesta and I spent many afternoons staring at the walls of our house, trying to figure out the magical way in which they held my living space and my family. Little did my innocent mind realize that it was trying to unravel one of the most complex mysteries of the world.

At a tender age I found my first calling: it was to the world of Inner Space Designing – the field of Yoga. And soon I found my second calling: it was in the world of Outer Space Designing – the field of Vãstu architecture, both of which I continue to pursue with passion. Besides my professional practice of Vãstu architecture, I teach the subject too. I also qualify as a certified Yoga teacher, a certified Pranic Healer, a certified NLP practitioner, a hypno-therapist, a teacher of meditation, and an astrologer.

To enhance my capabilities at work I reach out to nature. I have travelled extensively. In 2008 I trekked 2700 km around Narmada, doing its parikramã, walking by the side of the river through forests, hills and villages, from its source to the sea and back, living with monks, eating whatever villagers offered, sleeping wherever night fell. It was my personal spiritual odyssey, an experience of a lifetime.

Again, in 2009 I walked nearly 200 km in the Upper Himalayas to visit the remote 5 Kedar Shrines and Brahmagufa, the Cave of Brahma at 5892 M/19330 feet (co-ordinates: 79°05′N 30°48′ E) where Lord Brahma himself is said to have done Tapasyã. The cave is approximately 12 km North of Kedarnath, is accessible only for a few months in a year, and can be reached only through a sense of direction by traversing glaciers and vertical climbs as no path exists up there.

It is my earnest endeavour to offer the highest quality of Vastu consultancy to all my clients, and scores of my satisfied clients who have repeatedly engaged me for my services are a testimony to it.

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