Buying or Renting a House?

It is very difficult to get a ready-made vastu-compliant property. However, certain precautions should be kept in mind when searching for property. Here is a checklist of important faults to be avoided when selecting a house or a flat.
First of all, check the location. The building should be free of all vedh, should not be adjacent to a temple, garbage dump, cremation ground, polluting industrial unit, government administrative building etc. A building in a clean area with a nice environment is preferred.

Inside the building avoid the following vastu defects, for these are major defects:


  1. Presence of a Staircase, Kitchen, Toilet, Store Room or the Master bedroom in North-East.
  2. Presence of an underground/overground Water  tank or Master Bed Room in South-East.
  3. Presence of a Basement, underground Water Tank, Puja Room, or a lower floor level in South-West.
  4. Presence of Master Bed Room in North-West.
  5. Presence of a Toilet right at the entrance or in front of the entrance to the living area.

If one is already living in a house which has either of these vastu faults and cannot move out, then it is advisable to neutralize the harmful effects by VEMSYS methodology. To know more about VEMSYS click on vemsys

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