Makar Sankranti is not Uttarayan

Sun turns Northward well nigh before Makar Sankranti

The Truth of Makar Sankranti
 Myth 1

In India Makar Sankranti is called Uttarayan because it is believed that on this day Sun reaches its Southward zenith and begins its Northward Journey Incorrect.
Sun turns Northward well nigh before Makar Sankranti. The date of the beginning its northward movement is December 22 and the phenomenon is called Northern Solstice. That is the day when it reaches its southernmost point in relation to Earth and turns North-ward, and days begin to lengthen.
Therefore, Uttarayan begins on Dec 22 and not on Jan 14.
Yet Jan 14 is important. From this day Sun begins to rise 1 minute earlier.  Till Jan 14, it was rising 1 minute late every day.
Myth 2

Summers – the hot months of May and June – are when Earth is closer to Sun, and winters – December and January – are when it is far from sun Incorrect.
When it is summer in the northern hemisphere, it is wintertime in the southern hemisphere.
The truth is that Earth is closest to Sun on January 4, when the cold in India is at its peak; and it is farthest from Sun on July 4, when India experiences heat and rains.
Strange. But why does it happen? It happens because Earth’s Axis has a tilt which, during the months of Nov to Jan, makes the Northern Hemisphere to tilt away from the Sun In fact, during this period it is summer in the southern hemisphere because it receives better sunlight. So much so that the South Pole has no night for almost 6 months.

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