Vastu for Corporate Sector

Only Vãstushastra has the technology to design work spaces in which the mind turns silent and connects to the Higher Universal Mind. Then human intelligence turns intuitive and reinforces Business Logic and Reason with Intuition, enabling a leader to take bold business decisions and become a great leader.
A Corporate Office is a signature of the Organization – its hallmark. It reflects the personality and character of the Corporate. All over the world architects are creating excellent Corporate Buildings which are signature towers and city landmarks.
At the physical or structural level a Corporate Office satisfies the physical and aesthetic needs – it is functional, spatially very efficient, and very aesthetic. The need, however, is to look at a higher level – the level of Consciousness, or the Spiritual level.
At the Spiritual level the Corporate World has a greater demand from its buildings. The demand is for Work Spaces which are brimming and resonating with originative energies, where the creative dynamism of the Inner Space of a Corporate – of its Soul – flows out effortlessly in the Work Space as fruitful action, teamwork and positive growth, where an idea can germinate into a great business plan, where business leaders become great business leaders, where future is planned and written.

Time, Space, and their relationship to the Corporate World

A Corporate Organization is closely related to the dynamics of Time and Space. To understand the subject, one must briefly glance at the nature of Time and Space, and their relationship to the Corporate World.
All that is manifested in the Universe originates from an unseen space and eventually disappear into it. Ancient Wisdom has called this Space by different names like God and Consciousness; the modern science calls it Quantum Field
Quantum Field is multi-dimensional, an aspect difficult to comprehend by a normal mind who is familiar only with the 3-dimensional world.
The Quantum Field is brimming with infinite possibilities. But all the dimensions of Quantum Field cannot decide which of the cloud of tendencies are to manifest as reality, unless Intelligence is also one of its dimension.
An interesting observation is that as evolution progressed and societies grew, the required matter, social norms, creatures, machinery, buildings, object, idea or whatever else was required of that age manifested out of the Quantum Field.
This fact also establishes that Intelligence is an integral part of Quantum Field, an Intelligence which forever has been experimenting with all possible tendencies to evolve human Consciousness to greater heights.
Viewed in this context, the emergence of Corporate Work Culture is a major step in the evolution of the human race. The Corporate World has not revamped work culture, it has rewritten and redefined it. This new work culture is not bound by any barriers of national or social cultures, its focal points of business design is through efficient development and deployment of pertinent new ideas, its areas of Quality, Efficiency, and Excellence in Work are guided by stringent codes, certifications and regular upgrades, its business designers and managers are shifting from the science of machines to the dynamics of ideas, and no idea is too absurd for it.
In a sense, the Corporate World, like its mother, the Quantum Field, too has infinite potentialities.
In the earlier business models a set of logical reasoning, of rejecting and accepting ideas based on experience and training has been the norm of running a business. This is the functioning of a Mind who works on the basis of logical division, dealing with one aspect of reality at a time and acting as if a part were a whole.
The Corporate Mind needs to look at a different manner of thinking. It must reach higher than that to stay competitive. It needs to understand the divisions by understanding Unity.
The need, therefore, is to replace brain storming with a Silence of the Mind. The need, therefore, is to design Corporate Offices where the Minds of the Executives can turn Silent and connect to Cosmic planes of the Higher Mind – the Plane where Reason is replaced by spontaneous Instinct and Intuition, and where acquisition of knowledge becomes effortless.
The world is changing with the emergence of Corporate Work Culture. It is of little surprise that parallel to the emergence of Corporate Work Culture, there has been a renaissance of Vastushastra.
Corporate Work culture is the work culture of the future, and it has an ally in Vastushastra – the architecture of the future which can design work spaces which can influence the Human Mind, turn it Silent, Intuitive and Instinctive.

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