Vastu for Factories

Factories are highly susceptible to vastu faults.
The impact of any Vastu fault in a factory is highly amplified by the vibrations from heavy machines, uneven distribution of load on the shop floor, heat from the furnaces, movements of material, escalators, electronic emissions, noise and atmospheric pollutions etc. Even a slight disturbance in the equilibrium of Vastu energies can have dire consequences.
Therefore it is important that when a new industrial project is planned a competent Vastu professional should be involved right from the initial stage. It would ensure that the project will complete on time and later the Plant would run smoothly. Besides, it saves huge expenditure if any Vastu correction has to be done at a later stage to rectify a faulty vastu layout.
Vastu Planning for a factory is a complex process and needs multi-disciplinary expertise. The Vastu practitioner must have a fair idea of the manufacturing processes which would be involved, the process of conversion of raw materials into finished products and the flow of the manufacturing process, the footprints of heavy and light machines that would be installed, packaging and final despatch process, demands of various departments from the environment and the plant, requirements of warehousing, firefighting, waste management, electricity department, plant maintenance, staff welfare and so on, besides having a thorough knowledge of Vastushastra and designing spaces with Ayãdi calculations and Marmashtãpan. In today’s work environment a thorough knowledge of a CAD software and the ability to read technical drawings have become indispensable.
Vastu faults can have their effect even during the initial days of construction and machinery installation. Some typical symptoms are as follows:-
– The Project begins to lag behind its projected construction schedule. This could be due to non-availability of either funds or labour, or even both.
– Accidents at the site, sometimes fatal.
– The promoters tend to fall sick.
– Disputes arise between promoters even as the construction is going on.
But what about factories which are already running? How to know whether they have any vastu faults?
Here is a thumbrule. When, in spite of all efforts by the promoters and their competent staff the plant does not run smoothly, there it is time to look for Vastu faults.
I have prepared below a list of 10 symptoms which would indicate the presence of vãstu faults in a running plant.

  1. Empty Order Book
  2. Frequent breakdowns and accidents
  3. Wastage of raw material
  4. Repeated occurences of accidents/fire/theft
  5. Unnecessary Interpersonal conflicts
  6. Cracks, Patches, Moisture in the walls
  7. High Attrition rate
  8. Litigations and other wasteful expenses
  9. Medical problems with partners or senior managers.
  10. Loss of mental peace and concentration.

It is imperative to locate the Vãstu faults in the plant and rectify them to restore the Vãstu imbalance to make the factory runs smoothly. Once they are rectified the promoters can feel the difference – faster growth, a healthier Order Book, low attrition and a sharp decline in breakdowns.


Can it be done?
Yes. Just as a maestro who understands the psychological effect of different octaval vibrations and plays with them to produce soul stirring music which can have a deep impact also on the environment, similarly a Vastuvid who understands the dynamics of forces and their energies can design a structure which resonates with the personality  and aspiratuins of the owners and occupants. Such a structure ensures their prosperity and family happiness.

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