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Turn Life into a Celebration of Joy!
Home is our pivotal space, a true extension of Chidãkãsh or Inner Space. GruhavAstu – the branch of Vastushastra which deals with home designing and planning is an important branch and also the most popular with people. To get the best possible advantage it is importanct to design a Vastu compliant home with Ayãdi calculations and Marmaprtishthã to make it a harmonious extension of our Inner Space.
Our Success and Achievements
Homes designed on the tenets of Vastushastra makes one feel relaxed, secure, cared and looked after, where one experiences the beauty of life. In such homes one experiences Quietude of Mind and Inner Calm, one is able to combine Reason with Intuition to take correct decisions in life, achieve success and feel complete in personal and professional life.
Our Inner Personality
Our Inner Personality is who we really are. In homes designed on the tenets of Vastushastra us the Mind is quiet, intuitive and poised. This Inner Poise will reflect as confidence, attraction, grace and charm in your personality.
Our Child’s Education
In such homes Learning and Creativity becomes a natural process. Our children develop greater focus, better concentration and a sharp memory to improve in studies and extra-curricular activities.
Our Family’s Health
A delicate equilibrium of Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kaph (mucus) along with Earth (Stability), Water (Fluidity), Fire (Transformation), Air (Movement) and Space (Intelligence) sustains a proper healthy body. Any disbalance in the equilibrium causes illness. Our Vãstu designs enable a free flow of cosmic energy in your home to maintain this delicate equilibrium and assure good health to you and your family.
A home is not just a living space. It is an extension of our mental space and a reflection of our personality.
Just as we influence its design, decor and maintenance, similarly it too influences our moods, thoughts, bio-energy, moods and behaviour, personal and social life, recognition, professional success and beyond, in fact, each part of our life is deeply intertwined with our home.
A lot of meticulous designing, planning and execution goes into building a home and decorating it. If the home is designed following Vastu rules and guidelines, then it will resonate with positive energy and vibrations and its occupants will be healthy, wealthy and successful.
It has been noticed that the residents of buildings and apartment blocks which have been built in gross violation of Vastu principles tend to suffer from either insomnia, depression, financial difficulties, domestic unhappiness, or some sort of chronic ailment. They have also been seen to suffer from lack of sense of security, loss of love in life, drug abuse or alcoholism, and misery.
For example, once a client approached me to tell that he had been feeling very miserable after moving into his new staff quarter. When I visited his apartment I noticed that it had a toilet in North-East direction. But the surprise was yet to come. In all high rise apartment buildings the apartments follow the same plan, which meant that all apartments above or below had their toilet in North–Eastern direction. To verify the truth of vastu, I decided to check out with their residents if they too were facing similar problems, and spoke to several families.  I was amazed to hear that all of they ;more or less the same story to tell.
Brefly speaking, the process of building a house follows a fixed pattern of events.

  • A land is identified as per vastu guidelines for building the house.
  • The house design is prepared by the Vastu architect in consultation with the house owner.
  • At an appropriate Muhurt the building activity commences. Commencement of the building activity itself is a ritual which involves invoking the Spirit of the Land and the Sentinels of the Directions and making certain offerings to them. Vastu scriptures have detailed guidelines to direct the process of construction for homes, temples, public buildings etc.
  • Once the construction is finished and house is ready for occupation, on a suitable day the house owner and his family conduct a ceremony in the new house to consecrate the house and move in. This is a detailed ritual and a lot of importance is attached to it. The building is decorated, lamps are lit, and a celebration follows.

Vastu is not only about directions. It would be wrong to call it ‘Directionology’ as some have begun to call it. Vastu is also about dimensions and measurements. When a new site is planned elaborate calculations are done to rectify the plot size to yield harmonious energy, and building dimensions are worked out, size of various rooms, passages, staircase steps, floor heights, size of doors and windows, alter, in short, the size of each component is calculated as per vastu principles. This elaborate exercise ensures that there is a rhythm in the building design, and an element of concordancial vibration.
The modern building design has done away with thresholds and double-doors. But a threshold keeps out negative elements by physically demarking the proper entrance to the house, and the double door ensures the emotional stability of the residents of the house.

Create Space

Clutter grows around us and we fail to notice it. Remove clutter from the house so that the energy moves freely in the house. Free flow of energy is essential for the well-being of the family members. If the house is heavily cluttered with obsolete objects it would reflect on the health and finances of its occupants, especially the young ones.
If there is clutter under the bed, then the person who sleeps there is likely to suffer from insomnia. If the clutter has left insufficient space to move around, then the family members will find it difficult to keep up with the competitive society. If the kitchen is cluttered, the housewife will keep ill.
It is not a good practice to lock the clutter in the attick and forget it. It has to be got rid of. A good practice is to give away things to those who may need them. One merely needs to look around to find them.

A word of caution.

Avoid dark interiors at all costs. Houses which are dark and cold inside due to large trees around it, excessive vines and climbers, heavy curtains, or poor lighting become spooky and give an eerie feeling. The inhabitants feel uncomfortable, they begin to hear unnatural sounds, family members fall sick and life becomes difficult.
One should also avoid building a house close to graveyards, cremation grounds, old burial sites, hospitals, areas of genocide, jails, butcheries, within view of a cemetery, adjacent to a place of worship.
The hearth is the most important area of the house because it keeps the family going. It should be built in the South-Eastern direction because that is the direction of Fire Element. The kitchen should be so arranged that the person who cooks should face East. Employ colours which are related to fire to do the kitchen interior. Use shades of yellow, orange, brown and red. Black and white are not recommended for kitchen.
A kitchen in the north-east direction causes mental tension and results in financial losses. Similarly, if the kitchen is in the south-west direction, there will be disharmony and frequent clashes within the family.
North-East is the source of all energies, they emerge from there and disappear in SW. Therefore it is important to keep the North-Eastern part of the house clean and light. Those who wish to have an alter in the house may erect their alter in North-Eastern direction. A good idea is to design a balcony or a large window in this direction.
The house should not have thorny plants, poisonous plants and plants which bleed sap when the leaf is plucked.
Decorate the walls with pictures or paintings which radiate happiness. Scenes from battles, war pictures, ferocious animals, and
The position of Master bedroom is crucial for a happy family life. Its best position is in the south-west corner of the west side. If the bedroom is in the south-east direction of the main building, it results in unnecessary quarrels between the husband and the wife. Wasteful expenditure increases and one has to face one kind of trouble of the other.

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