Vastu Tips for Office Entrance & Reception Area

When a visitor comes to your Office the first impression which he gets about your organization is from the Entrance, and therefore it is important to pay special attention to it. It is known that if the Entrance is appealing, then customers who have visited once are likely to visit again.
The Entrance usually has two parts – the Entrance itself with the Door, and the Reception Area.

  1. A dirty, dark, congested entrance is bad for business. It will keep away customers, friends and profits.
  2. The entrance should be well lit and welcoming in appearance. It should be tastefully decorated with indoor plants, cut flowers, artifacts etc. A well placed aquarium or a fountain will have a soothing effect on the customers and guests. A tastefully decorated entrance having a pleasant fragrance and soft music will attract more customers.

The Main Door

  1. It is always good to have a large Main Door at the Entrance rather than a restraining Main Door.
  2. Creaking doors should be strictly avoided. If there are any creaking doors, oil the hinges immediately.
  3. The main door should be well finished. A well finished old door looks mature and respectable, indicates stability, and promises better business.
  4. If the main door has turned old and shabby, if it sticks and is difficult to open, if the doorknob is missing, if the plywood or the paint has started to peel away, then it is certain to pull down business.  Such a Main Door needs to be given an immediate a facelift.
  5. What applies to the door also applies to door mats. Always keep a clean, new doormat and have it cleaned at regular intervals.
  6. If the doormat is worn out, dis-coloured, shabby in appearance, then it should be replaced immediately with a new doormat.
  7. Installing a statue of Ganesh promotes positive energy, reduces work related tension, helps to keep away obstacles and intruders, and invites more friendly people.
  8. A good idea is to place an electric wall lantern outside the main entrance at a suitable position.
  9. If a wall lantern cannot be put, then try and fix a red bulb in it and keep it switched on during the Office hours.


  1. The Reception should look inviting and smart.
  2. Make it well lit.
  3. Place comfortable chairs for visitors.
  4. Ensure that the visitors have easy access to drinking water  and wash rooms.
  5. Display your Company’s products, their photographs, or brochures about your services in the lobby. The products or the literature should be well lit by focused lights. The customer must be attracted towards them as soon as he enters the reception area.
  6. The Reception can have very light piped music. Refrain from playing AM/FM Radio Stations, unless you yourself are a Radio Station.

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